EPS Recycling System

1. This EPS recycling system is suitable for scrap, waste or recycled materials from  EPS products manufacturing plant; 2.  EPS crusher crushes waste EPS to small pieces. After crushing, particle size is uniform, full and  less dust. Remolding into a variety of EPS products after mix with new particles; 3. Dust removal machine is designed to remove

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China EPS foam recycling situation and technology progress

In recent years, EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam recycling are attention by relevant departments, regulatory guidance and policy support were introduced. From the whole, made our EPS foam recycling was no small accomplishment. Following several EPS foam recycling technology to achieve the degree of practical methods elaborated. 1. Mechanical recycling. This method can be divided into

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EPS Resin Processing

EPS Resin Processing EPS resin is EPS raw material used for the moulding of EPS products like package, food containers and building insulation. EPS resin is manufactured in the form of very small polystyrene beads with a weight weight between 160,000 and 260,000 and contains 4% to 7% blowing agent, usually pentane or butane. The bead diameter vary between 0.007 inches ~ 0.11 inches (0.2mm ~ 3.0 mm). Here show the sheet of EPS resin

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