Choosing between Foam Compactor and Foam Shredder!

It is broadly believed that EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam waste is an unsafe, un-recyclable material. However, that is just a myth. Composed of 98% air and only 2% plastic, it is a recyclable material, which can be re-prepared, reshaped many a times.

Being an easily melting component, EPS can be melted, restructured, redesigned.

For the recycling of EPS foam, often seen with the packaging of delicate electronic goods, different types of machines – as foam shredder and foam compactor – are used.

If you are establishing a recycling plant for EPS waste management, which of these machines you would be arriving at?

Pore over the following passages that assist you on determining the right selection over this bafflement –

The purpose: There are two regular methods of EPS recycling – grinding and compressing. The compactor, as the name goes, compresses or compacts the foam into logs, that represent a great deal of convenience when it comes storing and transporting them. While the multi or single shaft shredder cuts the used foam in small sizes or beads.

Shredding – The expanded polystyrene foam can be used directly into the shredder machine. The appliance will cut and grind it into tiny beads. It is only the half-way process of recycling. It implies that the EPS is now ready for further recycling processes. However, these minuscule foam beads are also of a great use. Toy manufacturers and logistics companies purchase them to meet their product designing and packaging motives. These beads are also methodized in bean bags, cushions, etc.

foam crusher

Compacting – In a compactor machine, the small beads and pieces of scrap EPS are compressed into logs of different sizes and shapes, which are used for various industrial objectives. These machines come in different capacities, tonnage, and log size options. So, after the shredding and compression, EPS is re-melted and turned into lightweight logs, which are sent for reuse to different industries and small, mid and large size verticals.

foam compactor

Different machines are employed for these two foam recycling procedures. It doesn’t matter which machine you choose for recycling the scrap, it is important to get your machine from a reliable EPS waste recycling equipment manufacturer. For example, Runi, Harden, Siedon. It ensures your plant’s productivity, efficiency, and additionally, cost-effectiveness.