EPS foam compactor for recycling

EPS Foam is a polystyrene foam which generally made use of in the building and construction industry. However, in some countries, such as the United States and Canada, the term usually refers to a sort of expanded polystyrene foam that is infused into molds to make disposable take-out containers, plates, coffee, as well as product packaging boxes.

These items are popular because they are low-cost as well as are good insulators, meanwhile they can keep food and drinks warm. Nonetheless, in regards to environmental protection, these containers are not easily decomposed and hard to recycle. Also, there are some animals which might mistake to take them as food.

It is important to reuse EPS waste items. The recycling of EPS waste helps in reducing the variety of brand-new Styrofoam that need to be produced as well as transfers EPS from garbage dumps and also burners. In the recycling process, it is vital to take into consideration the pollution triggered by the disposal of EPS foam. For that reason, recycling in an environmentally friendly remedy is important. Siedon Technology offers such an option for recyclers—EPS foam compactor.

eps foam compator

EPS Foam compactor has a high compression ratio of 40: 1, which can easily press large Styrofoam waste consisting of plastic mugs, reducing transportation costs to 1/40 of the initial cost. Consequently, for foam recyclers, it would be a specialist equipment as well as system to improve the recycling procedure.

As stated previously, this is certainly the most effective and simpler choice for Styrofoam recycling. Recycler might sell the compressed blocks to some manufactures for extra money. Styrofoam compactor is valuable and also beneficial to foam recyclers, so why not undertake if you remain in problem of recycling?

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