EPS Recycling Is Big Business

EPS Recycling Is Big Business

EPS recycling is serious business! Most people never give waste EPS a thought beyond the time it takes them carry large quantities of waste EPS to landfill. But for many businesses and plastic machinery factories, EPS recycling is business for good profit.

EPS recycling is serious business.

In a nutshell, EPS recycling is the industry which revolves around the collection, compaction, crushing and pelletizing, ranging from food container to insulation sheet. Developing effective EPS recycling strategies is critical for many recycling centers and factories of all sizes because waste EPS can develop into a major problem when not handled properly.

EPS recycling is a necessary part of green environment. EPS recycling is also a part of property maintenance. Sorting of waste EPS at the source is becoming more common due to financial reasons as well as government regulations. It is more expensive to process landfill waste, and authorities are demanding more precise sorting.

EPS recycling

Proper EPS recycling often requires the use of specialized equipment. The main EPS recycling equipment is EPS crusher, compactor. EPS crusher and compactor working together can suppliy a good solution for disposing EPS into small size prepare for different purpose such as remaking plastic pellets, building materials, faceplate, coat hanger, photo frame manufacturing, etc. They can handle EPS, EPP and XPS foam safely and reduce EPS volume by 30 to 50 times, thus help sea food processing plant, retail/wholesale centers, and electronic factories to save available space and save nearly USD25000/year for garbage hauling and landfill. Furthermore, the user could even earn extra cash by selling the compacted EPS blocks to profile, picture frame, coat hanger, etc. manufacturers.

So you see, there really is a basis for the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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