EPS Recycling


In light of the raw material prices for precious metals as well as plastics all types of plastic waste recycling have become more and more important lately.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is kind of plastic has many useful properties. It can be used as an insulator against heat and the cold. It is good at absorbing shocks and protecting delicate items æ for example your head when used as part of a cycle crash helmet.

Characteristic of EPS

There are many characteristic of EPS,  which is durable, insulating, versatile, protective and light weight.

In the process of EPS recycling, light weight is an important characteristic of EPS. EPS is made up of 98% air, making it a very lightweight material, its use for packaging does not significantly add to the weight of the total product. This in turn means that fuel consumption is improved and fuel emissions are lower than with heavier materials. The reduction in emissions means less impact on global warming.

In 1999, an estimated 300,000 tons of EPS was landfilled in California at an estimated cost of $30 million. Due to its light weight, EPS is a large source of litter both on land and in waterways. Cities bear the cost of cleaning up this material with clean-up costs for litter estimated at over one dollar per pound.

EPS as a kind of special materials, recycling EPS and directing it towards recycling helps save money and is good for the environment.

One of EPS recycling method is manufacture EPS particles.

EPS size reduction

There comes EPS shredder for making EPS pellets or EPS particles. There are many usage for EPS after crushed.  For example, EPS after can be used as building materials which has fire prevention function ,  filler to make sofa, etc.

For this kind of operation it is necessary that shredding is as efficient as possible so that the energy balance is right and the operation is economical. Because of that a shredder should always run on the biggest screen possible to get maximum output at rated current. SIEDON designed series EPS shredder to meet you actual need.


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