Styrofoam Compactor

EPS Styrofoam compactor Manufacturer

EPS Styrofoam compactor uses the working principle of screw extrusion. The operator only needs to put the waste foam into the feed inlet, and the screw blade installed inside the equipment will cut the foam into particles, and then the screw propels the compaction structure to extrude the foam into blocks, with a volume reduction rate of more than 70%.
EPS foam compactor is specially used for recycling and compacting polystyrene foam into blocks. EPS foam polystyrene, XPS extruded polystyrene, PSP polystyrene paper, EPP expanded polypropylene and other foam cold presses can be customized according to customer requirements.

Styrofoam Compactor
Polystyrene Compactor

Advantage of Styrofoam Compactor:

  • 1. Screw compression technology: screw compression system, without any heating device, will not cause secondary environmental pollution.
  • 2. Low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  • 3. Speed control to prevent melting.
  • 4. Can handle fish boxes that contain water.
  • 5. No waste gas is generated, which is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • 6. Compaction of EPS foam blocks up to 40 times
  • 7. Density after compaction up to 350 kg/m3/year 400 kg/m2
  • 8. The compacted briquettes can be conveniently cut off, stored and stacked.

So far, Siedon Styrofoam Cold Press has provided EPS waste treatment solutions for more than 1000 customers at home and abroad. After years of research and development, SP/CP series Styrfoam Compactor models are mature, which can quickly and effectively process polystyrene foam without heating, and do not change the physical characteristics of plastic foam.