Foam Crusher Machine Manufacturer

Siedon medium-sized EPS foam crusher FS250 is efficient in crushing. Users only need to put the foam into the hopper, and the crushing mechanism in the knife box will tear up the foam. The crushed foam can be used for packaging buffer or recycling.

The foam crusher uses an efficient crushing mechanism. The user only needs to put the foam plastic into the hopper, and the crushing mechanism in the knife box will tear the foam plastic. The size is about 20mm to 40mm (1 “to 2”). The crushed foam plastic can be used for packaging and buffering, or can be further recycled.

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Features of foam crusher:

Foam crusher has the advantages of energy conservation, low power consumption, less dust, low noise, small volume, high efficiency, simple operation, safe use and CE certification; the space occupied by the EPS waste is reduced by three times; the shredded foam can be contained in a plastic bag; the EPS foam is recycled to be used for manufacturing a buffer filler or for further recycling; the storage space of the EPS waste is reduced; Does not change the physical properties of the materials, is beneficial to further regeneration and utilization, saves manpower, has low operation and maintenance cost,High cost performance; the foam plastic shredder manufactured by Haowei has a variety of specifications and can be used to process EPS, XPS, EPP and rigid polyurethane foam.This machine can be used to recycle styrofoam packaging materials, insulation boards, KT boards, and other EPS and XPS materials.

Foam grinder Applications:

Foam crusher is suitable for foam recycling enterprises, electronic factories, packaging material factories, logistics storage and transportation companies, waste recycling stations, plastic recycling enterprises, and urban communities. Siedon Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of waste foam crusher, EPS Compactor, waste baling press er, trash crusher, small plastic crusher, plastic crusher and so on. Advanced design concept, strict manufacturing process, high-quality tools, Seiko manufacturing, reliable quality.