How Do Recycling Styrofoam Process?

Many industries such as the major electronic and car manufacturers and electrical retailers have successful, economically viable EPS recycling schemes. Following is the guideline of how main recycling Styrofoam work:

1. Compaction –Styrofoam must be segregated from other materials in order to recycle used EPS packaging,  Styrofoam is easily recognisable and can be collected at retail outlets, distribution centres, factories and warehouses. Then the collected material is compacted by a EPS compactor up to one-fortieth of its original size for easy, cost-effective transportation.

2. Collection – the recycler will send a truck to collect the material once there is a full truck load ready. This is taken back to the recycler’s factory.

3. Granulation – people puts the EPS into a granulator that chops the material into smaller pieces.

4. Blending – the material is passed into a blender for thorough mixing with similar granules.

5. Extrusion – the material is fed into the extruder, where it is melted. Colour can be added and the extruded material is then moulded into a new value added product.

Recycling Styrofoam

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