How EPS Crusher Help you to save cost

How EPS Crusher Help you to save cost

HARDEN is a leading plastic recycling equipment supplier in China. They never stops developing a series of solid waste recycling products. EPS crusher was firstly and successfully developed by HARDEN for you to effectively recycle waste EPS, EPP, and XPS.

how eps crusher help you to save money

Harden realizes that governments home and abroad pay more and more attention to environmental protection when doing market research. And EPS has been a big environmental problem due to the fact that the material is difficult to recycle and costly to transport. Moreover, there are few EPS recycling machine manufacturers in China. Therefore, Harden spent a lot of time and energy to make this new type of EPS crusher by means of rich experience in plastic recycling industry.

These machines use principle of shear type crushing. The most attractive feature is that to crush the EPS into homogeneous, consistently small sized particle output, instead of paying for landfill, these bits of EPS are later sent to EPS recyclers who use them as useful objects, for example, make them as animal bedding, insulation, filling material, thus saving a lot of costs and get profit. That is to say you can sell EPS particles and make money by the way of investing a small amount of money to own one machine. At the same time, it also can save nearly USD25000/year for garbage hauling and landfill.

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