Maintenance Way Of Polystyrene Compactor?

Since Styrofoam is also known as Expanded Polystyrene Foam, this is the main packaging material because of its light weight and strength. Most of us think they are useless and take up a lot of space, in this case, most of the boxes or bags delivered will be thrown away once they open the delivery items. The traditional way of dealing with Polystyrene waste can cause great harm to our environment. Therefore, Siedon Company has developed a volume reduction machine —— Polystyrene Compactor, which will help to recycle styrofoam.

This professional foam recycling machine can use vertical silos to store polystyrene waste and use conveyor devices to achieve automatic operation, while crushing, compressing and extruding polystyrene waste into dense EPS waste.

Polystyrene Compactor
Polystyrene Compactor

How to Maintain Polystyrene Compactor?

  1. It shall be operated by full-time personnel. Generally, the main machine is not allowed to run under no load, so as to avoid scratching the screw and barrel. When the machine is shut down and there is material in the barrel, it is strictly prohibited to start the machine if the specified process temperature (including heat preservation) is not reached, so as to avoid damage to the extrusion parts and cause accidents.
  2. Lubricating oil with appropriate viscosity must be added to the foam recovery machine before it is put into operation. The oil shall be replaced for about 200 hours after the first use, and then it shall be replaced every six months. The lubricating oil must be drained, washed clean, and then refilled to the center of the oil level. Too high or too low oil level may cause the operating temperature to rise.The operating ambient temperature of the gear reducer is -40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. If the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the lubrication shall be preheated to above 0 ℃ before startup. If the temperature is higher than 40 ℃, cooling measures must be taken. The gear reducer is specified to use L-CKC220 medium and extreme pressure industrial gear oil.
  3. The raw materials to be processed must be clean, and metal, cloth belt, sand and other sundries shall be strictly prevented from entering the feeding port to prevent damage to the rotary knife, barrel and screw. If any abnormal phenomenon is found during operation, the vehicle shall be stopped immediately for inspection and repair.
  4. Regularly check whether the chain is loose. If it is loose, please tension it in time. Loosen the four fixing screws that fix the reducer, adjust the reducer to tension the chain, and then tighten the four fixing screws. Adjust the screw rods on both sides to support the two sides of the speed reducer, so that the foam recovery machine does not produce displacement during operation. The crushing transmission parts are loose, and the tensioning wheel can be adjusted. When adjusting, be sure to do it at the time of shutdown.