Polystyrene compactor for Foam Recycling

Polystyrene contains more than 90% air. Advanced Foam recycling machinery reduces the total amount of Polystyrene waste. Afterwards, the reusable Polystyrene expands into different shapes and sizes. These are the different businesses that use this recycled foam to make disposable and decorative items.

The lack of recycling programs has resulted in billions of single-use Polystyrene food containers ending up in landfills or incinerated as waste. These foam wastes pollute waterways and cause problems for the wildlife that eats them. Scary, it’s unclear how long it will take for all of these materials to biodegrade.

Polystyrene recycling will be easier if people try to find more environmentally friendly solutions to recycling Polystyrene, such as reducing the amount of foam used. In fact, the first step in Polystyrene recycling is to reduce the volume of Polystyrene waste.

Siedon Polystyrene compactor is a machine that breaks large pieces of foam into pieces, and a screw compactor processes large pieces of foam into smaller pieces at a 50:1 ratio. This machine can help you save a lot of storage and shipping costs.

Benefits of using Siedon’s Polystyrene Compactor

  • Non-toxic, odor free and also eco-friendly;
  • The device can be placed on the vehicle for operation, practical as well as efficient;
  • The compression ratio is up to 50:1;
  • Polystyrene compactor can save storage room and also transport prices of waste foam recycling;
  • The recycled foam blocks can be used for PS pellets manufacturing.

Such an excellent device is really an excellent choice, you can locate the proper model as well as ability according to your requirements. In addition, we additionally approve personalization, including conveyor belt, exhaust, silo and Stainless Steel Customized.

Polystyrene Compactor
Polystyrene Compactor Model

Technical Data:

Feeding Open(mm)665*430960*585
Machine Size(mm)2920*770*18501930*750*3400
Machine Weight(kg)7201500
Volume Reduction Ratio40:140:1
Motor Power KW6.314.8
Block Size (mm)250*250370*370
Output (kg/hr)40~7070~150