Polyurethane Foam Compactor for Compacting Refrigerators Foam

Polyurethane foam compactor is mainly used in electric appliances recycling center that has tons of rigid PU foam from dissembled refrigerators. Another source of rigid PU foam is teared down workshops that made of sandwich panels.

How the Polyurethane Foam Compactor Works

Operator throws PU scraps into the machine hopper. The pre-breaker breaks the foam blocks into smaller flakes. An auger compactor presses the foam into compacted logs. Operator stacks the logs onto pallets.

  • Compacted PU foam blocks by ratio of 16:1 to 20:1;
  • Achieves the capacity in the range of 200 kg/h to 500 kg/h;
  • Equip with a pre-crusher;
  • Cooling device so as to avoid polyurethane foam melting;
  • Nitrogen filling mouth. Dilution of flammable gas inside, meanwhile dissipation of heat;
  • Two exhaust ports. To exhaust flammable gas, which will hinder the PU foam forming;
  • Customization for options of different feeding length, width.
PU compactor machine

Technical Specifications of Polyurethane Foam Compactor

Motor   power kw11+2.2+1.5
Compaction   ratio20:1
Capacity   kg/h200-500
Feed   hopper size mm296*296
Out feed   size mm300*300
Machine size   mm1950 (L)*800(W)*1780(H)
Machine weight   kg800

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