The Benefits of Urethane Foam Sheets

Urethane Foam Sheets

While many different forms of insulation are available to homeowners, urethane sheets offer some significant benefits over other options. First, they are able to provide a high level of insulation in a very small space. They can be easily retrofit into existing walls without expanding the size of the partition. They also offer more effective insulative properties than traditional fiberglass due to the density of the material.

Foam insulating sheets come in several different varieties. Molded polystyrene is the most affordable option, and is easy to cut and install. Extruded polystyrene is similar, but is more durable and offers stronger insulative properties. It is also known for its moisture-resistance. Urethane foam is the most expensive option, but is also the most durable and long lasting of the three options. A popular alternative to these foam sheets is a sprayable urethan foam, though this product can be expensive and messy.

Though urethane foam sheets have many benefits, there are certain drawbacks to consider, too. First, they are one of the most expensive insulating materials in terms of upfront costs. Secondly, the sheets are susceptible to pest invasion due to the fact that they are easy to burrow through. Finally, foam can be hazardous during a fire. It burns quickly and can emit noxious chemicals that are harmful when inhaled.

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