What Are Urethane Foam Sheets

Urethane foam sheets are come in flexible sheets that are less than an inch thick, and are installed in homes and businesses to act as an insulative barrier which comprised of polymers linked by organic compounds called urethanes. Urethane foam sheets traditionally come in either two or three pound thicknesses.

Urethane Foam Sheets

Though their size are thick, they offer significant insulative properties that exceed many other types of insulation materials. These foam sheets are an alternative to the traditional pink fiberglass, and while they are fairly expensive, they are long lasting and easy to work with.

The thicker sheets are better for areas that require better insulation, though they are more expensive than the thinner panels. Because this material is made of foam, it can easily be cut to any size for installation. It is pliable enough to be cut with a simple utility knife as a great insulator.

The main function of urethane foam sheets is to act as a layer of insulation between the outside of a home and the inside. They help prevent cold air from seeping into the house while keeping heat inside during the winter. In the summer, they keep hot air out and air conditioned air in. This not only makes the house more comfortable, but helps to control energy costs as well. As a secondary function, these panels can be used as an acoustical barrier both inside and outside the home, helping to deaden sound and maintain a quiet atmosphere.

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